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Coastal Fliers, Inc. is a non-profit ownership flying club based at Gillespie Field.

  • Founded in 1954.
  • Coastal Fliers is owned by pilots, organized by pilots and run by pilots.
  • Each member owns one share in the corporation. Cost of a share is $2,500 and it is refundable upon resignation from the club.
  • We also have special memberships for people working on their pilot's license.
    Student Members pay only 1/4 of the share price ($600) and 1/2 the monthly dues ($50)for the same low flying rates.
  • Membership includes pilots from students to ATP as well as CFI's.
  • All club officers are volunteers.
  • Aircraft are owned by the club and only flown by club members.
  • Aircraft are maintained by licensed repair stations.
Quarterly Aircraft Wash Day

  • Quartely Meetings -- As needed. Date and time sent to membership
  • Quarterly Wash Day -- Every three months the aircraft are washed and waxed by the members.
  • Automated scheduling via telephone or Internet. About Schedule Master
  • Flying time is billed monthly, dues are $100 per month for Regular Members and $50 for Student Members.
  • Aircraft rates are wet per Hobbs hour:
    Archer II N3015U (Garmin 430W GPS & ADSB In/Out/Bluetooth equipped) - $109 + $20 fuel surcharge/hour = $129
    Archer II N8788E - $102 + $20 fuel surcharge/hour = $122

    Cessna 172 N46404 - $97 + $20 fuel surcharge/hour = $117
  • Coastal Fliers Standard Operating Procedures
  • Coastal Fliers Bylaws

Gold Flyers Membership

Gold Flyers Members receive a 5% discount off of the club's flying rates on all of our fleet. Become a Gold Flyers Member for just a $2,000 (refundable) deposit.

Board Members
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President - Don Martin
Vice-President - Open
Secretary - Open
Treasurer - Keith Ostenberg
Board Member - Erik Hobbs
Safety Officer - Richard Bartlett-May
Operations - Robert Finnin

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